Shanbrooke place a very high emphasis on the breeding females as we believe that the female alpaca is just as important as the males. Over the years we have continually seen that the female seems to have a stronger influence on the offspring than the male.

Shanbrooke's involvement in the selection of animals in Peru, over many years, for the importers has put them in a very privileged position, being able to select some of the most superior quality stock to enter the country. Our Elite Females with our stud Sires have been sold to Switzerland, Germany, England, Belgium, South Africa, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia, where their stud duties and progeny are making an impact, taking out major ribbons at shows, and are in demand for stud duties

Over the years they have selected some very Impressive females from Peru in several different Imports still concentrating on the Accoyo and Alianza bloodlines, known to breed true to type.

These females have been chosen from the Plantel breeding stock and over many years of breeding we have identified the females that consistently breed superior quality offspring, and are proud to show then off with their offspring on this site, where you will be able to observe these superior bloodlines.

Some of these females are now used as donors in our Embryo Transfer programme and over several years they have continued to produce many Champion and prize winning offspring. Many of these high quality offspring have now been entered into our ET programme and have started to produce the same high quality in the progeny.

We have a small selection of offspring from these females available for the serious breeder and a range of females also available for the beginner or those wanting to start a hobby.

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Some of the females used in our ET programme who consistently perform are as follows.

Embryo Transfer Work

We are now using daughters of our original donors in the ET work and are achieving excellent results.

In 2002, the first successful embryo transfer programme on alpacas in Australia was achieved. After the success of this we decided to give it a go. In the following year we chose only a selected few of our elite females as doners. Dr Jane Vaughan who specializes in embryo transfer work used a non surgical method where the doner female is mated naturally and 8 days later the female is sedated lightly and the embryo is flushed from her and implanted into a sedated recipient.

Jane is passionate about her job and continued research to develop a method to super ovulate the females to enable her to collect more embryos. In the following years right up to today we are using this method with some of our top females to produce superior embryos.

Embryo transfer enables you to use the top genetics on your farm and multiply them quickly thus being able to get the full genetic gain from your top females in a very short time. It also enables you to use some of your lower quality fleeced animals who are proven mothers to carry some of your best genetics on the farm.