Shanbrooke take pride in their elite, specially selected stud sires and their sons. These males were originally, hand chosen and selected by Ron and Dianne in Peru for their high quality fleece characteristics and their Accoyo and Alianza breeding lines, which have been well developed in Peru. The breeding males used in these herds, are derived from their Plantel group that are maintained solely for producing herd sires, and are considered to be the best in the world.

Shanbrooke place great emphasis on the quality of the males they use, as nothing will have a greater impact on the whole herd than high potency well bred males. We have observed over the years that the Accoyo and Alianza lines breed very true to type, and are very predictable in what they produce.

Over ten breeding seasons on our farm these males have created a huge impact, producing the outstanding traits that they were chosen for.

Their sons have continued the lineage, with ten of their sons retained in the stud for Stud Duties, and many of their Champion daughters retained in our Elite breeding female group. It's now exciting to see their progeny producing some of the highest quality animals we have seen on the farm.

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At shows in Australia, and around the world, Breeders who have used our males and the progeny from these males have taken out Championships and Supreme Championships, including the prestigious award of Sires Progeny at many major shows.

From the original import 10 years ago, from the famous Accoyo Herd we are still fortunate to have two of the original old males still alive and working. Accoyo Rasputin, the last known living son of the great Shere Khan, is now 17 years old and still working and fertile, and Accoyo Yavari who is now 13 is still very active. Most of their Sons are available for outside stud duties, so if you have a very special girl and you need some improvement take the opportunity to browse through these males and I’m sure we will have a fleece type to suit you.

More recently Shanbrooke together with two other established studs in Australia have been fortunate enough to purchase two more stunning Accoyo bred Males to add to their genetic base.

Shere Khan and Tucapel are both 9 years old and display qualities in their fleeces not many have seen before. Both extremely dense Tucapel cut a highly lustrous uniform crimping fleece weighing 10.1 kilo for 12 months. Shere Khan is a stunning well balanced male with excellent cover and a soft rippled face with low medulation and fleece packed on.